Hot! Exclusive Interview “DJ Locnez”

Indy Rap: Tell us about yourself, and how you got your start as a dj?

Locnez: Well, I am Dj Locnez The official Midwest DTP mixtape dj. I have been a mixtape dj going on eight years now. I was nominated for “Best New Dj” last year at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards. As far as how I got my start as a dj,well, I was introduced to djing hands on by the Legendary IKE B. IKE B had introduced me to several people that played a key role into my development of me becoming a dj.

Indy Rap: Where did the name Locnez come from?

Locnez: Locnez, was created by my well trusted producer 20. After, a long talk with him and some deep soul searching. I decided to hit the ground running as DJ LOCNEZ. Locnez because it is built by faith and believing in somebody’s talent without seeing it.

Indy Rap: How did you become the official Midwest Dj for Disturbuing Tha Peace?

Locnez: I first applied for DTP and I put in alot of hard work. Now my hard work and hard grind are paying off.

Indy Rap: Being from OHIO, how did you end up linking up Indiana artist and putting together the Indiana “Respect Our Hustle” mixtape series?

Locnez: Well, I live on the Ohio/Indiana border and I met some cats from Indiana when we did our first show there. Ever since then I’ve always believed in the talent that was booming in Indiana. It really just took off from there.

Indy Rap: Tell us about your state to state mixtape series, and who can we expect to hear on them?

Locnez: I strongly believe there is a movement within every state.  I hope to showcase the State to State series on a nationwide level so that the public can see as well as hear each state’s talent. On our movement you will hear independents from that state and a few surprises.

Indy Rap: Do you any advice for the upcoming artist that want to be featured on your next project?

Locnez: Yes, what we look for is statement tracks. We want to get blown away by “this is who I am”, and “they better respect me”.  So go into the booth and contact us with a powerful statement of who you are.

Indy Rap: How can you be contacted if someone wants to book you for thier upcoming event, or hosting thier next mixtape?

Locnez: Well, I am with H-M Management (Yolanda Hernandez) out of San Antonio, Texas. Any business goes through her so there isn’t any confusion. So when you’re on Facebook add her Yolanda Hernandez, and her email is

Indy Rap: Do you have any shoutout’s or anything elese you would like to say?

Locnez: First, I thank God for blessing me with the precious gift of life. Second, I would like to personally thank IndyRap for believing in me and blessing us with the opportunity. I would like to thank West Water for standing by me and believing in me. I would like to thank H-M Management for her guidance and loyal support. I would like to thank Alisha Lange for the love, and her support she has shown me.  I wanna personally thank my precious Mother for her guidance, and strong will power as well as being my rock.  My Mother has shown me that when you believe in your dream you chase it head on and never look back; and I love her for that and so much more. I would like to send a shout out to the whole Crown Clique for always keeping me on my toes with new and uplifting spirit.  Last but not least I would like to thank the whole state of Indiana for their warm embrace and supporting us during this whole project.


Thank you again for this oppurtunity, God Bless.


H-M Management:


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